HS Ayurveda Private Limited is pioneer of contract manufacturing of Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines, herbal products and dietary supplements, founded in 2017 by young entrepreneurs Mr. Harendra Singh and Mr. Sharad Bhardwaj.HS Ayurveda Private Limited is a world class GMP Certified manufacturing facility located in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, India. We have our own staff of more than 25 employees including the Sales Department, Customer Service, Production Team, IT Department, Graphic Designing Department and Purchase Department. After watching the need of people and to make their lives Improved and Happy these Both Youngsters decided to launch a one-of-a-kind herbal contract manufacturing company. Unlike other companies in the industry who used multiple vendors to complete projects, the mission of HS Ayurveda Private Limited was Straight. HS Ayurveda Private Limited was created to offer its clients direct full service, turnkey herbal solutions such as formulations, product manufacturing, label design, packaging design, and order fulfillment all under one roof and would provide clients with outstanding customer service. Today HS Ayurveda Private Limited continues to set the standard for excellence in the ayurvedic industry in India. This is evident in the way that we operate our business on a day-to-day basis  that we are able to serve you better.


HS Ayurveda Private Limited is committed to providing you with products that not only meet, but exceed quality and efficacy standards. We have a GMP certified facility which means ‘High Quality Assurance’. Our Manufacturing Partners are fully furnished with latest equipment like Capsules Filling Machines, Blister Packing Machine, Aluminum Strip Packing Machines, Induction Sealing Machine, Shrink Wrap Machine and many more facilities according to customer’s needs. We currently stock raw materials, which not only minimizes project completion and turnaround time but makes product customization possibilities virtually endless. With our experienced staff in Product formulations, Graphic designing, Production department and Quality Assurance, we provide you nothing less than World class herbal products. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on growing your business to the next level.


Despite the numerous advances that we’ve made over the years, we have not sacrificed the core services that helped make us one of the premiere herbal companies in the country. The future vision of the herbal medicine industry lies in customised medicine tailor made for each patient. This concept has been the corner stone of Ayurveda since ancient times, but due to massive industrialization tailored medicine took a back seat. With help of Ayurveda’s guidelines based on Tridosha Theory, which also is backed by Genome and DNA centric models, we are working in the direction to make Ayurveda a truly modern system of medicine that is backed by the latest genomic data and scientific findings and customized to needs of patient individually.